We hope you find this site useful. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form. The following terms relate to all transactions, communications and other matters involving this site and your use of it.

Scottish Laird Terms, Conditions & Policies

  1. By purchasing a title (see 3 below) or any other product from this website you are deemed to have accepted these terms.
  2. “ScottishLaird.com”, “ScottishLord.com” and all derivatives of “Dunans Castle”, “Chaol Ghleann” and “Dunans” are to be used only with the express permission of the proprietors of Dunans Castle Limited (“the proprietors” or “ScottishLaird.com”). The proprietors reserve the right to withhold their permission to use these terms as they hold the copyright to these terms exclusively. The proprietors also reserve the right to withdraw their permission for the use of the terms “Laird of Dunans Castle”, “Lady of Dunans Castle”, “Lord of Dunans Castle”, “Laird of Chaol Ghleann”, “Lady of Chaol Ghleann” and “Lord of Chaol Ghleann” at any time. The withdrawal of permission shall be occasioned only at the discretion of the proprietors.
  3. The term “title” on this website, and in all paperwork pertaining to this project, being the “ScottishLaird.com project”, refers to the informal Scottish practice of calling a landowner ‘Laird’, ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’.
  4. The titles as noted in (2) and (3) above shall be granted under the laws of Scotland, and shall only pertain to the individual(s) whose name(s) is(are) entered on a valid deed of entitlement.
  5. As the title ‘Laird’ or the associated ‘Lady’ and ‘Lord’ (in this context ‘Lady’ or ‘Lord’ is specifically relating only to the ownership of land, not anything else, nor any other type of title) only accrues to a person who owns land in Scotland, your title will relate specifically to one square foot of land set in the grounds of Dunans Castle, which you will ‘own’ on an informal basis, and will be referred to specifically in your Deed of Entitlement. This land will be identified by an ID number at Dunans on a plan derived from the deeds of Dunans. You will receive a plan of the site with the approximate position of ‘your’ piece of land marked, this will be for illustrative purposes only. The exact position of your square foot of land will be derived from the ID number and relative to two permanent markers set out on site by Charles Dixon-Spain, Laird of Dunans Castle.
  6. The proprietors reserve the right to refuse the sale of their titles if they believe that the title will be subject to multiple resale, other forms of monetization or have been paid for by a competitor. The only authorised seller of titles is ScottishLaird.com. An administration charge of £20 will be levied to cover expenses, as well as PayPal fees in these cases. We will refund remaining monies via PayPal. ScottishLaird.com (and its associated sites) reserves the right to report activities which infringe its copyright et al. to the relevant authorities, even in the case that the sale of a title has been refused. If a sale has been made and money accepted, and then ScottishLaird.com finds its products, trademarks, copyright et al., have been infringed it will terminate the Laird and/or Lady’s permission to use their title(s) and will not offer any refunds.
  7. ScottishLaird.com will from time to time offer seasonally-based personalised ‘extras’ with their packages and these will be announced on the website. If your order qualifies for such an offer (ie. a Christmas Card from the Laird, or a Valentine’s message), we undertake to email you with details, but please feel free to let us know if you have any special requests.
  8. Trees planted in honour of Lairds and Ladies, will not necessarily be planted upon the one square foot of land owned by that Laird or Lady. The actual siting of the tree will depend upon the topographical, environmental and ecological considerations which pertain onsite. The planting of trees will take place only at the correct time of year.
  9. The Sponsorship of trees, whether native or exotic, does not imply ownership of those trees nor the ground they stand upon. Nor do any rights over those trees accrue to the sponsor, other than the right to be identified as sponsor of those trees or tree.
  10. All benefits for our packages are subject to change and alteration without notice.
  11. Upgrades to the Marble package may occasion the use of a Deed of Relinquishment. This document will allow ScottishLaird.com to issue adjacent plots of land to a laird and lady when one has already a plot of land. That original plot of land will be relinquished in favour of one of the adjacent plots. This relinquishment will be deemed to have been agreed to on purchase of the upgrade. All rights to the original plot will become void on purchase of the upgrade.
  12. We reserve the right to update these terms at any time, and these terms as reproduced here are to augment and supersede those terms as sent to the individual Lairds and Ladies and referred to as “the Deed of Entitlement”.
  13. All payment will be taken through Paypal and all transactions will be subject to the terms and conditions of this service.
  14. If any mistake is made in the personalisation of your product please let us know on receipt. If we are not notified within 30 days of receipt we reserve the right to charge postage for a resent package.
  15. If the Lord and/or Lady fields are left blank at checkout our policy is to use the name(s) of the person(s) ordering on the deed of entitlement. If revisions are required and you let us know within 30 days of the order, we will be happy to redraw the deed for the cost of postage and packing only, thereafter we will have to make a full charge for the redrawing of the deed.
  16. In the case of our titles, if you receive a damaged item, please let us know and we will happily resend it, however we will have to charge postage for the resend.
  17. If you do not receive any item from us within 30 days, please notify us immediately. We will not be able to resend or refund an item after 60 days, inclusive of the day of purchase. We will have to charge postage for the resend.
  18. If you are in any way dissatisfied with this product we offer a full no quibbles refund within 60 days inclusive a day of purchase (using Paypal). Thereafter no refunds can be offered. To qualify for a refund you must send the deed of entitlement back to us within the 60 days of purchase. We will not refund your postage & packing cost.
  19. Your privacy is paramount and will not be compromised in any fashion.
  20. ScottishLaird.com does not and will not use your details in any way other than for official Dunans Castle Limited business.
  21. Any order which is not completed will be deleted from the system within 7 days. We reserve the right to email addresses entered on the system once to ascertain the reasons for a failed or incomplete transaction. If we do not receive any reply to this email we will delete all records of that email address from our systems.
  22. When payment is taken over the telephone, via fax, or via email, using Paypal’s direct credit card processing service, we will retain only the details of the transaction, not your credit card details. Your credit card details will be disposed of securely once the transaction has been processed. If you would prefer the convenience of having your credit card details retained for further transactions, please use our online cart. If you have any queries regarding the disposal of credit card details, please contact us.
  23. ScottishLaird.com does use cookies to ensure use of the site is as seamless as possible, however, we do not retain information from these cookies, nor does this information persist beyond your visit to our site. If you would like more information on cookies and their uses please contact us or visit the WordPress.org site which has detailed information on the applications which drive this website.
  24. All orders will be sent out to new lairds or ladies within 14 days of being ordered. We cannot guarantee delivery any sooner that 28 days after your order has been made, however we do promise to do our best to get your deed to you as quickly as possible.
  25. If you select the electronic version, it will be delivered, print-ready, to the email address you give us. If you do not receive your order within 24 hours, please contact us. The paper version of the deeds will follow in due course as per the abovenoted timescale.
  26. We will only guarantee communications to us via our contact form, or via Paypal.com. AOL.com email addresses and some others have given ScottishLaird.com some problems with delivery both to and from our email address. Therefore if you do not receive a contact in a timely manner and you have an AOL.com address, please use our alternate address “scottishlaird at googlemail dot com” or our contact from on this site. We will not be held responsible for missing or missed email communications.
  27. We reserve the right to use anonymised comments as testimonials for the services that Scottish Laird offers.
  28. It is to this page Lairds and Ladies should refer to for updates.
  29. This website and all its products are subject to the laws of Scotland.
  30. This website is copyright of Charles S. Dixon-Spain. All rights are reserved.
  31. If you have any feedback on these terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  1. Hi Alan, Absolutely! These are decorative titles, so that would be entirely in order! Kind regards, Charles

  2. Hello !
    1) Taxes: Shall I pay ?
    2) Reparation/warmth, other payments ?
    3) Other duties ?
    4) Fastened bills ?
    With greetings

  3. Lord

    Is this title connected to any kind of responsiblity on the holders part, and if so which are they?
    Is it possible to put the title on a card or is that going beyond the title being decorative? What that means in practical terms I do not know.
    I will sell clothes on a small market in India and just for fun it would be a nice touch to use it there. Is that possible? I might not do so, am not sure yet, so are only asking.


    Sven Hansson

  4. Hi Sven,

    The only commitment we ask you to make is to get to Dunans one day and book a tour with me — otherwise the gift pack is your only financial outgoing. The titles are no more than decorative, and I am not sure what you mean by using it at the market? If you can send me an email we can sort it out. help@scottishlaird.com. The general rule is that in commercial terms the decorative title should only be used if it contributes to the renovation of the castle in some way.

    Kind regards,


  5. Hi Eeva-Maija,

    No there are no other costs at all!

    Kind regards,


  6. Have you considered offering the Dunans Rising tartan in the form of a sash or scarf ? I’m sure it would be popular, and I’d definately have one.

    kind regards

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