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Dunans Castle is an historic building set in a dramatic wooded landscape, with a superlative rubble-built bridge providing access across the salmon-filled river running at its foot. Set on a ledge, itself bounded by an Ha-ha, this romantic edifice can truly claim to be one of Scotland’s hidden gems and you have the opportunity to become part of it and part of its history by becoming Laird or Lady of Dunans Castle, historic seat of the Clan Fletcher.

Dunans Castle has the best views of the tallest tree in the UK, and in fact the lairds’ and ladies’ plots are only 10 metres from the foot of the great tree itself!

By becoming a Laird or Lady of Dunans Castle, you will be:

  • Preventing Dunans Castle becoming one of the Lost Mansions of Argyll.
  • Preserving and maintaining designated areas of heritage woodland along with a unique biodiverse landscape containing locally and nationally rare species
  • Supporting a carbon-aware, ecologically-sound project

For more detail on how the purchase of Lairds’ and Ladies’ titles has benefitted the Dunans Heritage Project, please see ‘Progress at Dunans: The Lairds’ and Ladies’ Contribution’.

Please note: The title of Laird or Lady* depends upon ownership of land in Scotland, and all of our packages include a piece of land, one foot square which will be individually identified on your deed of entitlement and on a map derived from the Deeds at Dunans.

* Please see our Terms

8 thoughts on “More About ScottishLaird and Dunans

  1. 5.7.2013
    Hello My Friend !
    I have bought and paid that lady Chaol Gleann – title. In the beginning of this summer. You promised some kind of certificate. I am waiting for it ?
    With greetings
    Eeva-Maija Harju-Virta
    Vintergatan 7
    693 33 Degerfors

  2. Question: What is the best way to purchase online with U.S. Currency? And what would be the present exchange rate cost in dollars? Thank you.

  3. Dear Robert,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. The prices for the titles and merchandise would be in GBP and, as the exchange rates do fluctuate, we would kindly request that you search online for an appropriate currency converter just prior to placing your order to get a better idea of the cost in USD. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to hear from you again very soon.

  4. Hello,
    I received title to a plot of Dunans Castle for Christmas. Part of the description included the ability to have an email address that reflects the title. How do I set that up?

    My plot #73587-1004N13738E6

    Many thanks,

    Lady Joan

  5. Dear Joan,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. To set up your email address you must first subscribe to the Lairds and Ladies website. If you visit and then select ‘Register’ you will be able to set up the subscription. Please note that the details you registered for the Gift Republic title will not work on this site and you will have to select a further username and password. When you register, please use the code ‘castlex1’ which will allow you to receive the first year of subscription free of charge.
    Once you have successfully registered then you can set up your email address. Please log in and then select ‘Lairds & Ladies’ followed by ‘Dunans’ and then ‘Email for Ladies’. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to hear from you again very soon.

    Colin Laird

  6. 17.1.2016

    Hello !
    Still waiting. I have paid. You have not sended that promised document. Wondering what you are doing.
    And then: You write that because I have paid earlier, I maybe could pay a little more.
    Joke ?
    But I still wanted to see the document I have paid.
    You have my address.
    Eeva-Maija Harju-Virta

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