Dunans Castle

There has been a building on the site of the present house since at least 1590 when the site was marked as Dunens on Roy’s map of Scotland. By 1801 a double-fronted manse-style house or lodge is shown, and this building relates quite closely in form to the smaller house which is presently under-going renovation. By the late 1860s the Ordnance Survey produce the most accurate and detailed map on which the present shape of the castle is visible: it is essentially two buildings linked by a two-storey utility space, the original house having been elaborated by the Edinburgh-based architect Andrew Kerr, into a residence suitable for the Procurator Fiscal of Scotland.

Even in its present sorry state, the castle, approached from the north via Dunans bridge, offers an impressive and romantic spectacle. The franco-baronial style, mixed with elements of the more austere west coast vernacular, offers a massive and overwhelming presence, set upon its own ledge above the Chaol Ghleann ravine. First-time visitors often pause involuntarily as they drive onto the bridge, for in its setting Dunans Castle is a breath-taking vista.

To support the restoration of the castle via our titles or through the Dunans Rising tartan, please click here.

Dunans Castle

As Laird or Lady of Dunans Castle you will gain access to the Lairds’ website, where details of the restoration and progress towards it will be posted. You’ll be able to subscribe to the Lairds’ newsletter, and receive access to exclusive offers for Dunans Castle memorabilia, including the right to use the Lairds of Dunans Castle insignia.

54 thoughts on “Dunans Castle

  1. Hi I. Want to buy a ladyship for my sisters 30th. I know I can do this through gift Republic. But Iv purchased other things through them (adopt a donkey an penguin) but Iv not had any communication from either so I wondered can I buy this directly from yourselves? My sister is married an has a daughter would I need to buy them titles too or can it just be my sister?

    Many thanks for your help an advice in advance

    Amy Dodd

  2. Dear Amy, Yes, of course you can – all our decorative titles are at scottishlaird.co.uk, Thanks, Charles

  3. Hi, my name is Lord Parker (plot N11010E9) i have just married to Lady Gille (plot N15116E1) would it be possible to have a new deed sent wirh her name as Lady sheena Heather Parker we woud be very please if it was…..thankyou

  4. Dear Rolf,

    Thank you for your correspondence. We do have a facility on our website to redraw a deed. If you visit http://www.scottishlaird.co.uk and select the ‘Redraw a Deed’ option then you will be able to order a new entitlement deed from us with the updated name details. Thank you and we hope to hear from you again very soon.

    Colin Laird

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