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Our Decorative Titles are …… Ideal as gifts for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and all sorts of occasions.

  • The most romantic Scottish decorative titles available today
  • Qualify to wear the Lairds’ and Ladies’ tartan, ‘Dunans Rising’
  • Part of a living history which includes links with the Fletcher, McGregor, Lamont, Campbell, Buchanan and McLaren clans.
  • Help restore an historic castle and its woodland gardens
  • Own part of an ancient estate which includes an unique Thomas Telford-designed bridge and dates back to before 1590.
  • Gain free access to the woodland garden, walks and river which make up the curtilage of the Castle
  • Free tour to all Lairds and Ladies of the grounds and the buildings.


(More about the Dunans Restoration Project)

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