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Our Decorative Titles are …… Ideal as gifts for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and all sorts of occasions.

  • The most romantic Scottish decorative titles available today
  • Qualify to wear the Lairds’ and Ladies’ tartan, ‘Dunans Rising’
  • Part of a living history which includes links with the Fletcher, McGregor, Lamont, Campbell, Buchanan and McLaren clans.
  • Help restore an historic castle and its woodland gardens
  • Own part of an ancient estate which includes an unique Thomas Telford-designed bridge and dates back to before 1590.
  • Gain free access to the woodland garden, walks and river which make up the curtilage of the Castle
  • Free tour to all Lairds and Ladies of the grounds and the buildings.

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Landslip at Dunans: Ravine path closed, repairs imminent!

By Dixon-Spain


This winter has been very hard on the grounds at Dunans. We’ve seen so much intense rainfall that the paths, like last year, are a quagmire. Some relief was afforded by the freeze of last week, but the problem is deep-seated and is about what is happening to the climate overall.

In early January the amount of rainfall led to a large landslip in the ravine, effectively blocking any access to the Laird’s Island. This map, which will be familiar to Lairds and Ladies shows the exact location in relation to Castle and Bridge.

Finding a way to bridge this gap in our path network might prove impossible, given the dynamic nature of the landscape – see the video of the river from Sunday for an idea of the type of flow we receive on an ordinary day …

We’re hopeful that some form of bridge or boardwalk will be possible, but before then we’ll have to wait for the ravineside to settle – and frankly, we are not sure when that will be. We are therefore also looking at alternative pathways, particularly to aid our tours… We’ll have more on this as we work out solutions in time for opening in late March in time for Easter!

Here’s the video:


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